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ELD Lock

Positive Lock, Inc. is proud to introduce the Emergency Lockdown Device into our product lineup. The ELD was designed with safety and ease of use in mind. In the event of a lockdown drill or scenario the ELD can be activated to provide an extra layer of door security.

The activation handle is concealed by a locked cover so that accidental activation does not occur. In the event of a lockdown drill or scenario the cover is unlocked and the device is placed in the locked position for the duration of the event. When the event is over the device is placed in the unlocked position and the cover is closed and locked.

Positive Lock currently offers two different options when selecting the ELD model that will fit your needs the best. You can choose between a lock size that will fit all doors and lock into one side of the door frame or a lock that is specific to each door size and locks into both sides of the door frame.

ELD Lock

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Will Fit Any Door